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Elsa Majimbo explains why she deleted a video confession of her former mentor Naomi Campbell


February 19, 2024

In recent days, the social media sphere in Kenya and across the globe has been abuzz with news about Elsa Majimbo, the Kenyan chess prodigy and comedic sensation, and Naomi Campbell, the British supermodel.

The news has been sparked by Majimbo’s candid revelations about her relationship with Campbell, the genesis and how they eventually fell out.

The story dates back to December 2020, when Majimbo, riding the wave of her pandemic-induced viral fame, reached out to Campbell during one of the supermodel’s visits to Nairobi.

This bold move led to an invitation from Campbell to join her on vacation, marking the beginning of what many saw as a promising mentor-mentee relationship.

Their shared experiences, from a getaway trip to appearances on Campbell’s vlog and discussions about potential projects, painted a picture of mutual admiration and support.

However, as Majimbo revealed in an emotional TikTok video, the relationship was not without its complexities.

The detailed account provided a rare glimpse into the pressures and challenges that come with navigating relationships in the limelight.

One of the key elements in the fallout was a misunderstanding over a proposed documentary project, which Majimbo pursued independently, despite Campbell proposing the idea to her.

This led to a rift between the two, with Campbell expressing disappointment over what she perceived as a lack of communication and respect for her mentorship.

According to Majimbo, Naomi also claimed to have been behind her fast rise to fame, which the comedian disputed, saying that Naomi was a key resource but not the person who ‘made her’.

She also admitted that the Campbell introduced her to influential people in Hollywood

Following the fallout, Majimbo noted a decline in her influence in the celebrity world and attributed it to the ties she cut with the supermodel.

Despite her attempts to reconcile, including apology texts and efforts to reconnect through mutual acquaintances, the response from Campbell was not forthcoming.

Majimbo said that during that period when the two were not in association, she turned to alcohol but eventually managed to get her life back in order.

“Naomi obviously never force-fed me alcohol. The situation led to the action. My action. As I said, my part was played and responsibility is mine,” she said in a post clarifying the video.

Now Majimbo has deleted the video citing that she is prioritising peace in her life, but still stands by the words she shared.