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Gospel singer, Morenikeji ‘Egbin Orun’ is dead


April 29, 2024

The Nigerian gospel music community mourns the loss of renowned singer and spiritual leader, Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke, widely known as Egbin Orun.

News of her passing surfaced, with veteran gospel singer Prophetess Esther Igbekele Iwalesin confirming the sad news through a heartfelt post on her Instagram page on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

As of now, details regarding the cause and exact date of her passing remain undisclosed, as there has been no official statement released by either her family or her ministry.

Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke was not only a gifted vocalist but also the visionary behind the Egbin Orun Prayer Mountain. Last May, she joyfully celebrated the fifth anniversary of the ministry, a testament to her dedication to serving her community and spreading the message of faith through music and prayer.