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Mr Eazi and DJ Edu form new music group named ‘Choplife Soundsystem’


April 14, 2023

Mr Eazi has announced the formation of a new pan-African music group, Choplife Soundsystem. 

The group will also consist of DJ Edu, as its resident DJ, along with an informal crew of contributing DJs, artistes and producers from across the continent. Mr Eazi will be the primary vocalist on Choplife Soundsystem recordings, and will also serve as the Minister of Enjoyment at live events.

Choplife Soundsystem derives its name from the popular West African pidgin slang phrase chop life, meaning enjoy life, along with the traditional soundsystems that are the backbone of Jamaican music culture. 

The Minister of Enjoyment, Mr Eazi will announce further details about Choplife Soundsystem, including new music releases, partnerships and live events, later this spring.