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The Omniverse Summit 2024 Is Here


January 31, 2024

As partners and supporter of the work we do in bringing Africa to the limelight and showcasing the immense talent, opportunities and market within our continent, we want to invite you to get first access to the Omniverse Summit for free.

The Omniverse Summit will hold from February 27 – March 1, 2024 and involve 4 days of immersive new community experience focusing on the creative industries, technological innovation and build collaborations among change makers.

The Narrative Day will explore narratives about Africa and Africans that shape our self-perception, global image and to rebuild, reframe and reclaim these narratives towards our common future, markets and attracting investment. 

The Innovation Day will discuss layers of innovation beyond technology while highlighting pioneers revolutionizing, nurturing and inspiring innovation at all levels despite the challenges.

The Collaboration Day will dissect the DNA of successful collaborations by analyzing the mechanics of productive partnerships and purposeful alliances and help set up partnership deals.

The Grand Finale – Monetization Day will unpack the science of making money, exploring effective strategies and approaches for building resilient, profitable careers and businesses.