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We should be grateful to Burna Boy for what he has done for Afrobeats – Eddy Remedy


February 21, 2024

Eddy Remedy is one-third of The Remedies group who helped commercialise Nigerian mainstream pop music in the late 90s.

During an interview with Daddy Fresh on Instagram Live, Eddy Remedy while addressing the recent claims made by former Remedies member Eedris Abdulkareem stated that Burna Boy deserved praise for what he has done for Afrobeats.

The veteran rapper narrated how he put his career on the line when he fought 50 Cent over the American rapper’s attempt to treat him as a lesser artist in Nigeria. Eedris stated that the incident helped Nigerian artists gain the respect of local and international brands and also paved the way for the success of the future generation including Burna Boy.

Eddy Remedy however disagreed with Eedris’s claim as he stated that the rapper could not demand respect from the younger generation when he failed to accord the same respect to his peers.

During the 40-minute-long interview with Daddy Freeze, Eddy Remedy tagged Eedris as a liar and betrayal over his narration of the events that led to the creation, success, and split of The Remedies.

Eddy said that instead of berating Burna Boy for saying nobody paved the way for him, we should thank the Grammy winner for taking Afrobeats to greater heights.