Alan Bright is one of those people that makes you stop and say “whoah”. Often soft spoken and laid back, his charisma , intelligence and quick wit are undeniable once he starts to cut loose.

With an almost encyclopedic memory of facts and random knowledge, a love and appreciation for music and entertainment, and the uncanny ability to be both assertive and diplomatic. He connects easily with people, as he is always willing to interact, listen and learn.

Born on the 23’rd of May 1988 and raised in Port Harcourt, he graduated from the University of Port Harcourt in 2012, with a degree in geography and environmental management. However, driven by his passion for music and interactive entertainment, he embarked on a freelance journey through several media establishments, where he spent years learning on the job.

In 2014, Rhythm 93.7 Port Harcourt took interest in him, and hired him, where he co-hosted the popular Morning drive and Late night caller shows. In 2017, Alan got the chance to join the newly established The Beat 99.9 FM branch in Port Harcourt, and currently hosts “The Drive Time Show” on weekdays.

This self-proclaimed “nerd with attitude”, is an amateur mixed martial artist, environmentalist, avid pro wrestling fan and comic book enthusiast. As well as an experienced voice actor and narrator.